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Genevieve is a writer and editor. She usually works with fiction pieces – favorite genres include fantasy and women’s literature, but she’ll read (and enjoy) anything!

Genevieve is available for hire for writing and ghostwriting fiction and opinion pieces. She is also taking new editing and proofreading clients at this time.

Genevieve holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance and an English minor from the University at Buffalo, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She is also a graduate of the Second City Training Program, where she perfected her comedy writing skills.

Genevieve is a proud supporter of the Oxford Comma.

New Release!

New Release!

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Penny’s life is perfect. She has the perfect career, the perfect living situation with her best friend, and to top it off, her perfect boyfriend is going to propose—tonight! Things couldn’t be better. But when she meets a man who is nothing like she ever imagined for herself, Penny has to decide what’s more important: perfection, or happiness.

★★★★★ “A fun romantic comedy, with plenty of humorous and yet heartfelt moments” – Amazon Reviewer

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Current Projects

Genevieve is always traveling the world, and writes all about it in her blog,! Genevieve is now working on YA fiction series, and will hopefully release it early in 2019! Sign up for her mailing list for updates!

She is constantly working on editing projects, and she is also a voice-over artist for audiobooks. Currently, she is also working on building a rehabilitation center for dogs in Guatemala, which you can read more about at

Editing Testimonials

“I really enjoyed working with Genevieve. She was always professional, worked very quickly and even returned my manuscript ahead of schedule. She found a tonne of corrections in my novel Oathbreaker (almost 1000 in 75k words in fact), even after my usual editor and proofreader had gone through it. She will definitely be my editor of choice for the remaining books in the series!” – New York Times Bestselling Author Aaron Hodges 

“Genevieve is the best editor I’ve used, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  She is responsive, thorough, and fast.  Most importantly, the books are better for her involvement, and that’s really the biggest compliment I can give.” – Jacob Peppers, author of the bestselling “Seven Virtues” series

“I am extremely happy to have used the services of Genevieve Lerner. She was recommended to me by one of my coworkers and at first, I was skeptical of using her. Why? Because I had used three different editors, one with a Ph.D. but I don’t think they did a good job. So, I told myself, Genevieve will probably be like the other editors but why not give her a chance. Boy was I wrong. I’m glad I gave her a shot because she caught things my original editors should have caught. What else can one ask for? Her prices are very competitive… I actually think she should charge more for the quality of work she provides, and the turnaround is quick. I will definitely use her services again and highly recommend her to other writers.” – Alex Iheaka

“I’ve been a professional author for over a year now and it has taken me that long to find an editor as awesome as Genevieve. Not only does she have a quick turnaround but she is a delight to work with. Her edits are superb and her comments are priceless. 10/10!” – Stevie Collier, author of the “Dark Assassins” series

“I set Genevieve a pretty tough challenge. Less than five days for a 100k novel. She was cool and calm about it–very much appreciated considering how frazzled I was feeling! And, ‘lo and behold, right on time, even though I know I asked a lot of her, she delivered. Smooth, seamless. She found a ton of things that a lot of eyes missed, and not only will I use her services again, but I feel a lot happier knowing that the final readthrough is in her hands!” – Serena Akyeroyd, author of “Quintessence” series and “Kingdom of Veronia” series

“I have had the pleasure of working with Genevieve on two of my books now and I am amazed at what she is able to do. She is professional and very fast. I was one of those writers that thought all I needed was a proofread on my books. Genevieve showed me just how wrong that thinking is; she went beyond proofing and taught me about repetitive words and phrases that I never realized I used. I really can’t recommend her services enough and I can only hope that she will continue to work with me once she hits the big time in the editing world (trust me, she will get there). Thank you Genevieve for an excellent job.” – MJ Caan, author of “The Girl with the Good Magic” and “Enter the Wolf”

Editing Rates


Includes checking for typos, basic grammar, word/phrase repetition, basic tense fixes, plus sentence structural fixes, notes, suggestions, and feedback

NOVELS: $0.01/word


Editing Rates

But...why Genevieve?

Why should you hire Genevieve? She has an impeccable grammar radar and can sense typos before you make them. She will pick up on your repeated words and phrases, find your cliches, and fix any spelling errors.

Even better? She has a speedy turnover time and charges extremely reasonable rates! Contact her for more details.



Genevieve is currently AVAILABLE FOR HIRE. She can be reached via email, or by phone using WhatsApp (she ends up in different countries sometimes!)